• November 3, 2021

Why are you reading this? I’m the new leader of the New Zealand Rugby Union.

By the time he’s done, he’ll be just one of several players to have been promoted from junior to senior, a process he’ll have had to undertake with his head bowed and a smile on his face.“I’m a new guy and I think it’s been the toughest four or five years for the sport, but…

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When Iran’s Nuclear Program Reopens, Here’s What You Need to Know

Posted August 08, 2018 11:16:10Iran has officially restarted its civilian nuclear program after months of negotiations, after Tehran successfully agreed to a “pathways” program that will allow the country to generate electricity through nuclear energy.Iran, which has a stockpile of about 1,200 nuclear weapons, said it would resume the nuclear program when it gets rid…

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How to create a program that will get you paid for studying

As you may have heard, the U.S. Department of Education has begun a program to incentivize students to take classes at colleges with the intent of earning credit for their work.The goal is to help students get more credits in a semester to help them graduate with a degree, and it will be available for…

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You can apply for a job as a nurse in Queensland

Health Minister Peter Dutton says he is confident a $10.7 million referral program will allow more people to get a qualification in the state.The program was announced in April by the Premier as part of his efforts to boost the number of nurses in the community.“We are committed to providing the opportunity for Queenslanders to…

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