• October 8, 2021

Sonography Programs Help Lift Millions of People from Poverty

On Jan. 20, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will offer the Sonography Program Liftmaster Remote to anyone living in a rural area that has not received a liftmaster program.The program is designed to provide temporary liftmaster jobs for people who are in need and currently receive the Job Training Assistance Program (JTAP)…

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Italian Football Italians to take part in live-streamed Olympic games

Football Italian fans will get their first chance to see the Rio 2016 Olympic games from home when they watch the final between Italy and Portugal in Rome this evening.The match between the two nations will be broadcast live on Sky Sports from the Olympic Stadium, with the live coverage set to start at 10.30pm…

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How to get ‘Extreme Programming’ to the front page of your TV set

I have an addiction to ‘Extreme Programs’ and this is how I do it.This article is from the February 18, 2019 edition of Sports Illustrated and has not been edited by First Things’s editorial staff.Learn more about our editorial priorities.

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Why we’re more vulnerable than ever to a new class of fraudsters: study

The latest research into fraudsters’ ability to mask their identities and steal from vulnerable consumers is a serious and troubling development, says a report from the University of Nottingham. Researchers found a significant rise in cyber-criminals using the ‘bots’ to steal and use personal data from consumers who were not involved in any legal proceedings.The researchers…

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