• September 23, 2021

How to get a startup program in Canada, as it works in Canada

Posted October 20, 2018 11:05:32Today’s tech-centric landscape is rife with competition.While some startups have gone international, a growing number are located in Canada.That means Canadian companies are more likely to be found in tech hubs like Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa than their U.S. counterparts.“It’s not a matter of whether a Canadian company will make…

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‘Reddit is not the first to take advantage of this’: Tech startup program

Tech startup programs are popping up all over the place.We’re getting a bunch of different types of programs for programmers, and I think it’s great for the people who are already working at Facebook, or Microsoft, or Google, or whatever, but it’s also great for people who want to learn more.And I think there’s been…

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Learn programming for the new Macs

Coding programs for the newest Apple Macs is becoming more popular as Apple expands its offerings.Apple’s new developer program for Macs announced this week will allow developers to develop software for Apple’s flagship computer, as well as other Macs that have never before had the ability to access it.Developers are encouraged to build apps for…

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New Treasury offset program for Mac startup programs

A new Treasury offset package for startup programs will be announced today, with Mac startup program developers hoping that the program will boost productivity and encourage the creation of new businesses.Mac startup programs are aimed at encouraging the creation and maintenance of new companies by providing a variety of tools and services for software developers.The…

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How to make the most of the nursing education pipeline

In the early years of the recession, nursing programs were struggling to get people into the workforce.But the tide has turned, as enrollment has skyrocketed.In the next year, the number of nursing graduates will hit 7.6 million.With the rise in nursing degrees, employers have more options to attract talent, which is one of the most…

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