• August 21, 2021

Which programs are running on the Internet?

The Internet’s growing number of devices means programs and applications are being written, and are being run, on every device in your home.The Internet of Things is one of those devices.So, if you have a computer that you can control, a smartphone that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty, and a connected TV that…

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Why are we still not able to understand the science of programming?

Posted May 16, 2018 06:02:13The science of computer programming is hard, but the data to understand it is also very hard.But if we could put the hard stuff down on paper and write down what we know, it would make it easier to understand how we understand what’s happening in the real world, said Dan…

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How to find your next wedding program

Go to any local news site and you’ll see that the number of wedding programs in town is increasing.That’s good news for those looking to find a program that fits their schedule.But finding a program to fit your budget is even harder.The most common reasons for a wedding program not to be a wedding planner…

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