• August 27, 2021

Apple is paying $20M for ‘Pge Care’ program

Apple is spending a record $20 million on a new program that aims to provide high-quality, low-cost care for dogs and cats that are at risk of being left behind by their owners.Apple’s Pge Care program is a new breed of online care, where pets and their owners can chat with veterinarians, who can answer…

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How Apple Upgrade Program Will Help Kids Learn to Code

The new Apple Upgrade program will help students learn to code by helping them build apps that will be installed on iPhones and iPads and then downloaded to their computers.The new Apple upgrade program is designed to help students develop new applications for new technologies, which will then be available to other students.The program will…

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How to buy dental hygeneist programs for your child

New York State dental hygenists are in a position to help your children pay for dental care, but how do you know which programs are available to you?The New York Times has compiled a list of dentists who offer dental hygenic programs for parents, so that you can make sure your child can get the…

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How to upgrade your iOS and macOS to macOS Mojave for $69.99

Apple is giving free iOS and Mac upgrade programs to anyone who buys an iPhone 5s or later for $79.99.Apple will then offer up to 20% off the next iPhone upgrade price for the first 10 purchases, starting on October 5, 2018.The iPhone upgrade program is valid for customers who bought their iPhones between June…

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