• October 8, 2021

When Iran’s Nuclear Program Reopens, Here’s What You Need to Know

Posted August 08, 2018 11:16:10Iran has officially restarted its civilian nuclear program after months of negotiations, after Tehran successfully agreed to a “pathways” program that will allow the country to generate electricity through nuclear energy.

Iran, which has a stockpile of about 1,200 nuclear weapons, said it would resume the nuclear program when it gets rid of all its heavy water and other waste from the country’s nuclear program.

The announcement came on the eve of a UN Security Council meeting that could decide whether the world body is ready to impose sanctions on Iran.

Iran is currently subject to the terms of the nuclear deal struck between the U.S. and Iran in 2015.

The nuclear agreement with Iran was supposed to allow the Iranian regime to continue enriching uranium to a level of 20 percent for nuclear weapons.

However, Tehran has said it is currently enriching to only 2 percent and is in violation of the deal.

The International Atomic Energy Agency says Iran’s enrichment levels have fallen below the threshold needed for nuclear material to be used as fuel.

The U.N. Security Council, which is expected to approve a resolution to impose further sanctions on the Islamic Republic on Monday, is set to vote on a resolution on Monday that would impose a ban on Tehran’s imports of oil and other products and impose further economic sanctions on its banks and businesses.

The United States and its allies have accused Iran of continuing to develop weapons-grade uranium to build a nuclear bomb, and have repeatedly called for a comprehensive solution to the Iran nuclear crisis.

Iran has repeatedly rejected the accusations and called the claims “baseless.”The U

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