• September 16, 2021

Which is the best way to help you get the care you need?

The ABC has launched a national program to give Australians the information they need to find the right caregiver for their loved one.

The ABC is launching a national national program, called Adn Care, to help Australians find the appropriate caregiver.

The program is running for the first time on Monday and it will provide up-to-date information on:What you can do for yourself and your loved oneAdn Care is a free service that gives you information on the most important things to do to help your loved-one.

You can access it from the ABC’s online newsreader, and you can also download it to your phone for offline use.

“The AdnCare app is available in a variety of ways, so you can take a look at it from anywhere, whether it’s your mobile device, your laptop, your tablet, your computer or anywhere else,” ABC deputy director of business affairs and public affairs, Chris Kelly, said.

“AdnCare is designed to be easy to use, so it’s easy to find out what the right help is for you and to make an informed choice.”

The program will also help you find out where to go to find help if you need help.

You will need to know the following:Where you liveYour contact details (including phone number)How long you’ve lived with your loved OneHow much money your loved ones are makingHow many years you’ve been away from your lovedOneHow long it will take your lovedone to get the help they needAdn is available for $29.99 a month.

It includes:Adn will not cost you anything more to use.

It’s a free, non-commercial service and does not require a payment.

You’ll be able to access Adn from any computer, phone, tablet or smart device, including Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry, BlackBerry 10, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Microsoft and Sony Smartphones, PCs and gaming consoles.

If you don’t know how to use the app, click here for some instructions.

How to use AdnYou can download Adn’s Adn app to your smartphone, or to your computer, tablet, mobile phone, smart device or desktop computer, or use the Adn apps for your computer.

The app allows you to:Search for a specific Adn caregiverYour information will be shared with the Adns caregiver(s)You can set up a payment plan, choose a caregiver and get help with your careThe app will be available for Android and iOS devices and will be free to download.

You do not need to have an Adn account to use it.

If Adn is not available to you when you start the AdnatCare program, you can opt out by contacting your local Adncare service.

Adn’s website is located at www.adncare.com.au/adn and you will be able access the Adnpapp to download the Adni app.

If a caregaver is unable to contact you, they will contact you via email or social media.

If your loved person needs a medical assessment, they can request one by calling Adn on 1800 090 854.

Adnpapp will be released to everyone in Australia on Friday, March 6.

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