• September 17, 2021

How to get rid of the apple recycling program

Apple recycling programs are becoming more common, and some are even allowing people to recycle their iPhones and iPads.

Apple is now allowing people who are using AppleCare+ to recycle iPhones and iPad cases.

However, people can still opt out of AppleCare+, which requires customers to return unused electronics.

The program lets people reuse AppleCare cases, which typically have to be recycled in a third party.

Apple said the program was designed to help people who recycle their electronics.

The company said that the program helps people to save money by allowing them to return a phone or tablet that has been used but is no longer necessary.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are the only Apple products that are covered under the program, according to Apple.

Apple’s recycling program allows people to return an iPhone or iPad case that is no more than 12 months old.

The phone or iPad is then recycled at a third-party recycling facility.

People can also return an AppleCare* case that has a year or more of use, but is not eligible for AppleCare+.

The iPhone 5s and 5c, which were launched in January, are not covered.

The AppleCare recycling program has been expanded to include AppleCare Gold customers, who are also allowed to recycle a third Party Apple product.

The program will continue to be expanded, and will allow AppleCare gold customers to recycle iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c cases.

Apple also said the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be eligible for the program.

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