• August 6, 2021

You can apply for a job as a nurse in Queensland

Health Minister Peter Dutton says he is confident a $10.7 million referral program will allow more people to get a qualification in the state.

The program was announced in April by the Premier as part of his efforts to boost the number of nurses in the community.

“We are committed to providing the opportunity for Queenslanders to have a career in the health care profession, which is a key part of our Government’s strategy for the future,” Mr Dutton said.

He said the referral program was funded by a $2.8 million donation from the Government.

But Mr Durden said the program was not a new idea.

“It’s been in the works for some time,” he said.

“It was the $2 million donation we got that came in to pay for the program, which we are very proud of and very grateful for.”

The Queensland Health Department has been working on the program for about a year, but has only been in operation for about four weeks.

Mr Durden says it is important to ensure the referral programs are not being exploited.

People are encouraged to apply through the Department of Health website, which includes information on how to apply, the process for getting an invitation to the appointment, and how much they need to make to get into the program.

You can apply online, phone or visit the Department’s website for more information.

Dr Peter McPhail from the University of Queensland says there are several reasons for a nurse’s work to be eligible for a referral program.

“They’re often involved in things like community service, caring for sick and injured people, caring and helping elderly people, so there’s a lot of things they’re doing in that area,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

It is not a “silver bullet” for health, he said, but a way to help those in a vulnerable position.

“So we need to look at how we can support them, so they can still have a pathway to a career,” Dr McPhale said.

“So it’s not just a way of giving them a bit of extra cash to get them through the day, but it also supports them in their work and helps them have a better quality of life.”

The Queensland Government has said the goal of the program is to help more people get a qualifying qualification in a range of areas, including nursing, nursing management, pharmacy, and occupational health.

Health Minister Peter Dunne said the number and types of jobs available to Queenslanders was growing rapidly, but that it was a challenge to get everyone into the health professions.

“I think it’s a challenge that we’re all trying to manage,” he noted.

”We’re trying to make sure that we can provide the right mix of opportunities and skills so that we get more people into the profession.

“”I would say the number one priority for us is that we provide that pathway to the profession so that more people can get that qualification.

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