• August 2, 2021

Why are the government’s travel guidelines so hard to follow?

Google has rolled out an updated version of its Travel Guidelines app for mobile phones, adding some more information to help you get around the world.

The app has been available for about a week, with the latest update adding a section called “Tips for getting around” and the ability to customize the app to match your travel preferences.

Google says the app also has improved the accuracy of its travel guides and updated the way it handles some common errors and concerns.

As well as adding information about airports and travel directions, the app has also added “Tips” for each city and state.

It also says it’s adding a new “Tips & Tricks” section for travellers, which is where you can find useful tips and tricks.

While Google hasn’t detailed how it will be updating the app, the company is currently working with airlines to get the app up to date.

If you have an iPhone, Android, or iPad, you can download the app from the Google Play Store here.

You can also read more about Google’s updates to the app here.

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