• August 18, 2021

The Israeli army wants to create a virtual army that vets tech programs

The Israeli military has announced plans to create an army virtual team that vets its tech programs.

The military has said it is looking for volunteers to run its virtual army, which is being created under the guidance of its chief, Gen. Benny Gantz.

In a video posted on YouTube on Monday, Gantz said that the army will create an online database of programs and resources that would be able to be accessed via an app on mobile devices.

Gantz, who is also commander of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Cyber Command, said that he expects the army’s virtual army to serve as a central repository of information and to provide quick access to all its information on the Internet.

Gazan said that, for the first time, the virtual army will be able “to search and find programs and information” that can be used by its soldiers to improve their capabilities, and to increase their effectiveness and effectiveness in combat.

Ganz said that virtual soldiers will be part of the military’s cyber-defense capabilities, which include cyber-security, intelligence gathering, information security, and counter-terrorism.

The virtual army would be a new capability, he said, and would be part a broader plan to build a cyber-defensive army that can operate independently and to prevent and respond to cyber attacks.

The IDF has been working to improve its cyber defenses and to protect its computer networks since 2011.

In addition to creating the virtual team, Ganz said the army would create a cyber unit for its cyber operations.

The new virtual army could be deployed in Israel’s southern Golan Heights, Golan, and in the northern Sinai Peninsula, where the IDF has also set up a cyber battalion.

The cyber-unit will be tasked with identifying cyber threats, gathering intelligence and analyzing threats, and coordinating with the IDF Cyber Command and other cyber organizations.

In 2015, Israel launched a cyber war to combat a major cyber-attack by North Korea, which it believed was responsible for the crippling disruption of its telecommunications network and its power grid.

The Israeli military launched a series of cyber attacks that crippled the computers of the North Korean government, which has long been suspected of being behind the cyberattacks.

The recent cyber-attacks were a major setback for the Israeli military, which faced a cyberattack earlier this year, killing five soldiers and destroying the computers and telecommunications networks of several Iranian ministries.

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