• August 8, 2021

Learn functional programming for the job

The ability to design programs to work in the context of a problem can be a challenging skill for many engineers.

Functional programming (FP) has been around since the 1980s, but the field is still largely unknown outside of academia.

Here’s how to get started.


Get your feet wet in functional programming by reading books, taking courses, or participating in informal workshops.

Functional programs can be taught by experienced engineers, but if you are new to the field and don’t have any programming experience, you may want to pick up a book like Functional Programming for Engineers: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Using Functional Programming by Peter Loesch.

Functional programmers typically start with an introduction to programming, then apply the principles of functional programming to their own projects.

A book like this will give you a grounding in the language and concepts, and provide a great start.

If you want to learn more, you can learn more about the principles behind functional programming in the book Programming Principles for Programmers by James Fowler.


Get to grips with a functional language.

There are several languages out there, including Haskell and Clojure, that allow you to write code in a way that is not only readable, but also understandable by a wide range of different users.

A recent addition to the language, F#, is a functional programming language, and you can use F# as a starting point for a new career.

Learn how to write a simple F# program and learn the ins and outs of the language.

You can even use Fable as a functional example, as it’s a language that makes the same sort of functional mistakes that Haskell makes.

Learn F# in the browser.

F# is a powerful and powerful language.

It’s easy to learn, with a wide variety of exercises and tutorials that will help you get the most out of the tool.


Start to build a program in F#.

Functional languages have a way of breaking down complicated tasks into small, simple, and straightforward pieces that can be easily reused.

This makes it ideal for learning the fundamentals of programming.

The F# REPL is a fantastic tool for learning functional programming.

FSharp.com provides a collection of interactive tutorials that show you how to start building your first functional program in a matter of minutes.

For the less experienced, FSharp lets you use FSharp REPLs as a way to practice and build a basic functional program that is then displayed to other users.

You’ll also find an F# tutorial on F# Web.

Fsport.com, an FSharp-based web development website, also has a great collection of tutorials.


Learn to build functional programs using the F# compiler.

Fsharp provides a compiler that can compile and run any functional program using a simple syntax and the FSharp Language, which is similar to Haskell.

FxSight, an online F# development tool, can help you develop your first program in minutes.

FySight also provides a lot of useful tutorials.


Learn functional languages in a small group.

Learn by taking courses and joining workshops.

The best way to learn functional programming is to work on a project together, and a group of people can get the best out of a beginner’s introduction to the subject.

There is no substitute for working in a group.


Get involved in the community of functional programmers.

You may be surprised by the amount of interest in FSharp and FxTalks.

In addition to taking classes, FxCourses, which are taught by FxTechs, offer workshops that give you hands-on experience in programming with F# and other functional languages.

You will also find FSharp Talks at conferences like Functional Languages for the Future, Functional Programming in Action, and FSharp Workshops.

You should also check out Functional Programming, the first book by Daniel Ries, which covers the fundamentals.


Learn about the new technologies in Fx.

While many of the technologies discussed here are not new, many of them have come about in the last decade or so, and they are important for the future of software development.

Some of these technologies include: Functional programming in Scala, an object-oriented programming language based on functional programming principles

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