• July 18, 2021

When will I be able to see my earnings? 12 steps to the best money can buy

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how long it’ll take to see your earnings, and how much it’ll cost.

There’s currently no way to see the actual figures directly, but the program gives you a way to look up how much you’re worth, and then compares it to your income and assets.

You can check out the earnings guide here.

If you’ve been following our coverage of the new Earnings of 2017, you’ll know that there’s been a lot of buzz around the new 12-step program over the past year.

And with the Earnings 2017 survey, we asked 12 people in the UK and Ireland to rate themselves on a scale from 0 to 10, based on how many steps they had taken in the program.

The results were pretty interesting, with the top 10 earning the most money.

Here are the top earners in each country, along with their top earnings figures:The UK: £21,000Here are the UK earners with the highest earnings in the survey:1.

David, 52, from the UK’s west Midlands2.

Tom, 62, from Oxford3.

Mark, 62 from Glasgow4.

David M, 62-65, from Bristol5.

Paul, 67, from London6.

Stephen, 59, from Plymouth7.

Paul A, 55, from Walsall8.

Peter, 59-70, from Leeds9.

John, 63, from Birmingham10.

Mark C, 52-55, from Newcastle10.

Andrew, 57, from Sunderland12.

Martin, 54, from Cardiff13.

John A, 54-55 the UK-born5.

Tom G, 62The UK-raised UK-educated UK-resident3.

James, 59 from Oxford4.

Michael, 57 from Liverpool5.

Michael D, 54 from London7.

Martin F, 54 the UK born6.

Paul R, 52 from Liverpool7.

Peter S, 53 from Birmingham6.

Daniel P, 54 born from London9.

Mark G, 52 born from Oxford10.

Paul J, 51-53, from Cambridge12.

Sam B, 52 the UK based5.

Chris, 56 born from Bristol9.

Andrew P, 56-57 from Brighton12.

Peter D, 56 the UK sourced5.

James R, 55-59 from Oxford8.

Tom H, 53 born from Liverpool9.

Martin C, 54born from Glasgow10.

Matthew P, 52 based born from Manchester11.

David R, 53-55 born from Leicester12.

Paul S, 52 UK-based4.

Mark M, 57 born from Birmingham5.

Stephen G, 58 born from Leeds6.

David B, 57 the UK source Business UK article

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